Getting the Best Auto Insurance Deal.

Compare prices and do it annually. Don’t keep paying the bill over and over again without comparing prices. Here are some suggestions to help you get the best deal available on your auto insurance policy.

Insurance agents really have a lot of leeway. They can match prices and can offer many discounts. There are also many decisions you can make about your policy that will save you a lot of money. For example, if you change your deductible on your collision from a $50 deductible to a $1,000 deductible, you are guaranteed great savings. If you think you can’t get $1,000 out of pocket, change that to a $500 deductible; You will still save a significant amount on your annual premium.

You can also get more savings by changing your comprehensive deductible. Many people unnecessarily carry full coverage on their old car. They originally bought the car new, paid for full coverage, and continue to pay the same high price to this day. Your ten-year-old car may be worth $1,000 or less, but you still pay $250 to $450 every six months ($500 to $900 a year) to maintain full coverage on your old car.
However, in the event that they are in an accident and destroy your car, the insurance company will only pay them the wholesale value of the car. The amount they will receive can be $1,000 or less. An old car only needs the insurance that protects the other person in case of an accident.

Another way to save more on your insurance is to combine your auto and other insurance for additional savings. All insurance companies offer a multicar discount (if yours doesn’t, it’s time to change companies). Also, many will deduct more if you have a homeowners or renters policy with them.

There are some other discounts that you cannot take advantage of. It sounds obvious, but make sure you get the right rate for your age. There are discounts for different ages that can save you a lot of money. Check with your agent about this. Your car alarm systems are usually good for a discount. Additionally, antilock brakes and airbags can also help lower insurance premiums.

Don’t just keep paying the bill when it arrives. Your insurance bill should automatically motivate you to make a few phone calls to see if you can save more money on auto insurance premiums.

Pet Insurance and Public Liability – Are You Safe From A Personal Injury Compensation Claim? 

Are you one of the millions of Brits who are famous around the world for being pet owners and lovers? If so, do you have pet insurance? If not, you might want to keep reading if you want to save yourself millions of pounds…

Let’s take a look at two not uncommon scenarios that could happen to a pet owner in the UK:.

Scenario 1:

You have a dog. The dog is outside in the park. The courier comes home to deliver a letter. As he delivers the letter, his dog bites the postman.

Scenario 2:

You have a horse. Horse grazing in the field. Frightened, the horse jumps a fence and crashes into an oncoming car.

Do you know what will happen in both scenarios? Well, if you didn’t already know, as you may recall from the famous recent case involving Princess Anne, you might be liable in the first scenario to pay damages under the Dangerous Dogs Act. Less well known, in scenario 2, you could be liable to pay damages under a modern interpretation of the House of Lords Animals Act 1971. Either way, you pay.

How do you determine the liability you will assume if any of these unfortunate events occur? Without some kind of pet insurance policy, you can’t. So, if you have a pet and want to save yourself the possibility of having to pay a large amount of money as compensation to a third party, now is the time to consider getting pet insurance.

Although pet insurance is unlikely to cover the full costs you would have to pay to defend against a claim and also pay compensation if you lose, as there is likely to be a minimum overpayment, and a maximum payment, for a reasonable annuity. You can arrange for coverage that will pay a significant portion of that amount.

However, at the end of the day, getting pet insurance is just like any other type of insurance. Are you hitting the roads and driving your car without accident insurance? Would you leave all your valuables at home without taking out any home contents insurance? Do you want to risk your potential for a million in personal injury compensation without paying the minimum pet insurance?

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